Shipping Info

Important Information about Shipping to your Country


Baby Fox is based in and is shipping from EU, Lithuania. All items are handmade and packed with great detail and care. We guarantee the production and shipping on time. However delay, loss, lack of care or damage due to covid restrictions, shipping company's fault, or delays at the Customs are out of our control.

Purchasing from EU: Due to free movement of goods there are NO import fees or taxes on all imported items within the EU.

Purchasing from the UK: Due to post Brexit situation we advise that you do not delay on your purchase if you want to save. The NO import fees and taxes shipping at the moment includes the UK too however is not guaranteed and may change any time in the future. All import fees and taxes are due upon delivery and are buyers responsibility. Charges on imported goods are out of our control, will depend on the Customs in the UK and will be collected on behalf of HMRC. The no import fess and taxes Excludes Wales & N. Ireland, some parts of Scotland and England - please see the map.


2 shipping options to the UK depending on the area:


1. If available, your item will be shipped via door-to-door private courier, shipping in 3-4 days after shipping notification to the areas on the map. No import fees & taxes to this area but it is subject to change any time.

2. Shipping to the areas outside this range will be via priority airmail with delivery within 2-3 weeks and is subject to local delivery services and Customs. Post Brexit custom fees may apply on imported items to these areas.


Purchasing from outside of EU: Some items may be subject to import fees and taxes that are due upon delivery and are buyers responsibility. As these are out of our control please contact your local authorities to find out if and what fees are collected by your local authorities on imported goods from outside of your country and how they are calculated.

Adding to your Order after the Purchase
We are happy to combine and add another item to your shipping and / or adjust the shipping as per new weight accordingly where physically and logistically possible. If you are waiting for your order to be shipped and wanted to add another item please contact us and we will do our best to help.